Exploring Prince Albert National Park and Lake Waskesiu Safely: What You Need to Know

Are you busy planning your next dream getaway to the wilds of Saskatchewan? Located in the heart of Canada’s southern Boreal forest region, Prince Albert National Park and Lake Waskesiu are popular summer destinations for locals and visitors from out of province alike. Known for its stunning scenery, pristine waters, and ample opportunities for fun, the park is a great place to sneak in some much-deserved R&R and reconnect with the beauty of nature all season long.

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Below are 10 top tips to stay safe when visiting Prince Albert National Park and Lake Waskesiu. Read on to learn more!

Know Before You Go 

Just like embarking on any great adventure, it’s crucial to take some time to learn about where you’re going to make sure you’re aware of the most up-to-date rules and regulations that will be in effect during your stay. Prince Albert National Park’s website is an excellent resource for up-to-date information on trail conditions, wildlife sightings, and safety advisories.

Swim Safely

 Swimming is a great summer activity, and the tranquil waters of Lake Waskesiu are ideal for making a splash. Before you and the crew hit the water, however, it’s important to make sure that everyone knows best practices. Only swim in designated areas, watch for any posting that may indicate prohibited sections of the lake, be aware of boaters (more on that in a moment), and for those who are still learning how to swim, use appropriate flotation devices and ensure there is dedicated supervision at all times. 

Boat Smart

 Lake Waskesiu allows both motorized and unmotorized watercrafts, and while there’s nothing like a day boating on the lake, to ensure that you, your crew, and everyone around you is as safe as possible, it’s crucial to follow a few key rules. Always abide by boating regulations, including speed limits. Never operate a watercraft under the influence of drugs or alcohol, wear a personal flotation device at all times, keep an eye on weather conditions and be prepared to return to shore if necessary. 

Stay Hydrated

Summer in the prairies gets HOT! Staying hydrated is an important safety tip for any outdoor activity and becomes even more important for those who may be venturing off the beaten path to explore the region’s many hiking trails. Always pack enough water for your whole group, and as an added safety measure, make sure everyone has sunscreen, hats, and other forms of UV protection.

Respect Wildlife

Seeing local wildlife “up close” can be exciting and breathtaking, but it’s essential to remember that no matter how cute and friendly they may look, these animals are wild and deserve respect and ample space to keep everyone safe. Whether it’s an elk, moose, bear or any other of the many creatures you’ll find in the park, do not approach wildlife under any circumstances and observe from a safe distance, making minimal noiseNEVER feed animals, and safely store all food and personal items to avoid attracting animals

Be Weather Aware

Boreal forest weather can change quickly, with storms popping up on the horizon and moving in fast. Stay informed about weather forecasts and be prepared with appropriate clothing and shelter. If lightning is observed, seek shelter immediately and avoid open areas and tall trees.

Plan Your Hike and Make Your Whereabouts Known

There are over 150km of trails winding through Prince Albert National Park, making it an ideal destination for hikers of all levels. Before hitting the trails, inform others of your plans and expected return time so they can check in if you’re delayed or weather changes. Pack essentials such as maps, compasses, first-aid kits, and adequate food and water as well, and stick to marked trails to avoid mishaps or dangerous wildlife encounters. 

Leave No Trace

 Finally, when visiting any national park or outdoor area, it’s always a best practice to preserve the land and protect the local inhabitants by striving to leave no trace. Pack out all trash and litter, including food scraps and cigarette butts and reduce your impact on flora and fauna by staying on designated trails and campsites. Remember: the park is home to countless critters that cannot defend it. Keep their home safe and be respectful of them and other guests at all times. 

Stay and Play at Lake Waskesiu

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